Add security and accessibility to your garage door with keypads.

Whether you have supplies and products delivered to your place of business regularly, you need an additional layer of security for your garage door, or you need to provide more accessibility for various employees or others, garage door keypads can be very beneficial. If you are looking to add accessibility and security to your commercial garage door, you can call on us at Artex Overhead Door Company for your new keypad.


There are many benefits to investing in a keypad for your commercial garage door. As we have already mentioned, it can make accessibility for deliveries easier; if you choose to share your security code with your trusted delivery driver, they can leave your supplies and products in a secure place that no one else will have access to. The keypad can also allow access through your garage door when you or an employee doesn’t have the garage door remote or opener handy. The best thing about keypads is that you can typically change your security code as often as needed to keep your building even more secure.

We can provide you with keypads that will keep your business and garage door just as secure and accessible as you need it to be. We only ever provide you with high-quality products that will deliver the best results. You can also rely on us for additional commercial garage door products, including locks, bumpers, commercial electric operators, scissor gates, security bollards, security grills and shutters, shelters, trailer restraints, and more. You can also ask us about the wide variety of garage and overhead doors we have available.

Add security and accessibility to your garage door with keypads. Give us a call to schedule our services today.