Security Bollards

Protect your garage or overhead door with the physical barrier of security bollards.

Whether you use a garage or loading dock for your business, you likely want to keep the garage or dock, door, and building in good condition, so you can continue using it for your business’s needs. When you have a delivery or supply truck backing in to unload or load the truck, you risk them running into the garage door, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can utilize security bollards from us at Artex Overhead Door Company.

Security Bollards

Our security bollards can act as both a physical barrier to stop any vehicles from coming too close to your building and causing any form of destruction as well as a visual alignment tool, so drivers can use the evenly spaced bollards to align their vehicle with where they need to go. Our bollards can help protect both your drivers and your building, along with any products you may have close to your garage or loading dock. They’re made of sturdy materials, so it will be difficult to simply run over them. We can also provide bollards that are painted with bright and obvious coatings, like bright yellow, so they would be impossible to miss.

While security bollards can help protect your building from moving vehicles and traffic, you will also want to incorporate other safety precautions for your business when it comes to your garage door, overhead door, or loading dock. If you need any garage doors or products to further protect your business, you can come to us. We offer a wide variety of doors and products, including bumpers, commercial electric operators, edge docks, fire-rated doors, glass overhead doors, hangar doors, high-speed garage doors, loading dock equipment, locks, keypads, scissor gates, security grills and shutters, shelters, trailer restraints, and more.

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