Security Grilles & Shutters

Increase the security on your property with security grilles & shutters.

When you own a business, you likely take the necessary safety precautions to ensure your building and any products and supplies inside the building stay safe and secure. We at Artex Overhead Door Company believe there is no such thing as too much security. Even if you already have a great security system in place for your building and any garage or overhead doors, you can still add an extra layer of safety with our security grilles & shutters.

Security grilles & shutters can act as physical barriers against any unwanted visitors outside of business hours, keeping your building and anything inside it safe and secure. The grilles can be fairly impenetrable, whether they’re placed in front of windows or garage. Rolling shutters are also a common choice in adding that extra layer of protection for your building to keep unwanted visitors. We can help you determine what type of security grilles & shutters would be best for you.

We can provide you with much more than just security grilles & shutters. Whether you have a garage with a garage door, overhead door, or a loading dock for your building, we can help supply you with the parts and doors you need to keep it functioning properly and safely. Some of the garage door products we have available include bumpers, commercial electric operators, edge docks, loading dock equipment, locks and keypads, scissor gates, security bollards, shelters, trailer restraints, fire-rated doors, hanger doors, glass overhead doors, high-speed garage doors, and rolling and sectional doors. Feel free to reach out to learn what products might be appropriate for your needs.

Increase the security measures on your property with security grilles & shutters. Give us a call to schedule our services today.