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We offer comprehensive commercial garage door services.

You want what’s best for your business, and so do we. Your commercial building’s appearance and security are of the utmost importance, which is why we are happy to provide the comprehensive services you need for your commercial garage doors. From installation and inspections to repairs and replacement, our team at Artex Overhead Door Company can do it all. We have over 35 years of experience and are prepared to address your needs directly and swiftly.

Trust that when you call us for commercial garage door services, you get help from long-time commercial garage door specialists who will quickly identify the problem with your door and fix it properly, so you don’t have to call us for the same problem again later. When it comes to commercial garage doors, we have seen it all. What that means for you is that we will minimize your downtime. We repair garage doors quickly to get your shop back into its routine as soon as we can.

If your garage door will not open, will not close, or presents another problem, our team will be ready to assist you with an efficient repair. Let us inspect the garage door and we will get the problem figured out in no time.

In addition, it does not matter which company manufactured your commercial garage doors because our team works on them all. Our technicians have vast experience replacing parts and correcting malfunctions for all of the leading door manufacturers. Rest easy knowing your doors are in capable hands with us. Contact us today for commercial garage door services.

Commercial Garage Doors in Arlington, TX


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