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We’ll take great care of your commercial garage door system.

On a daily basis, your business relies on its garage door system for making deliveries, providing services, bringing in new supplies, and more. When your commercial garage doors come to a halt, so does your business. At Artex Overhead Door Company, we’re here to keep this from happening with our commercial garage door services.

Commercial Garage Door Services

We offer commercial garage door services, and we’re known for our great service and workmanship. The commercial garage door services we offer include:

  • Emergency repairs—When something happens to your garage door, don’t panic! Call us, and we’ll come and take care of the issue as soon as possible.
  • Inspections—We can perform a thorough inspection on your garage door system to ensure that all parts and components are in good condition. We recommend having us inspect your garage door system at least once a year.
  • Preventative maintenance—Maintenance is key to preventing major and unexpected garage door problems. Hire us for preventative maintenance, and we’ll help you keep your garage door system functioning like it should.
  • Testing & compliance—Depending on your industry, you may need your garage door system to adhere to certain compliance standards. We can ensure your garage door system aligns with your industry’s compliance regulations.

You can’t go wrong choosing us for effective, efficient, and professional commercial garage door services. Learn more about the services we offer or schedule an appointment for service by contacting us today.