Rolling & Sectional Doors

Whether you prefer rolling or sectional garage doors, we’ve got you covered.

There is more to garage doors than most people think. For example, not all garage doors are built or designed the same. Some garage doors, called rolling doors, are designed to roll up like a curtain into the top of the garage when it’s opened. Other doors, called sectional doors, don’t roll up. Instead, they slide up and land along the garage’s ceiling. Because of these differences, rolling & sectional doors are installed differently and require different accommodations depending on the garage.

Rolling & Sectional Doors

If your commercial space is in need of garage doors, we’re happy to help discuss the differences between rolling & sectional doors to help you determine which type of door is more appropriate for your needs. You want your commercial space to operate as smoothly as possible, and the type of garage door your space has can affect that efficiency. You deserve to work with a garage door company that understands the differences between garage doors and can help you decide on a garage door installation that will benefit you the most.

Here at Artex Overhead Door Company, we take pride in installing rolling & sectional doors for the commercial space owners that we work with. Our over 35 years of experience have taught us all of the ins and outs of the garage door industry, so we’re well-qualified to handle all of your commercial garage door needs. Whether you’re looking for a rolling or sectional garage door for your commercial space, we’ve got you covered.

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Rolling & Sectional Doors in Arlington, TX