Fire-Rated Doors

Help protect your commercial space from spreading fires with fire-rated doors.

If you operate a commercial or industrial space that utilizes specialized equipment and machinery, you know that it’s a very real possibility that this equipment can overheat or catch fire. No one wants to deal with a fire on their commercial property, but it’s important to make sure that you have the right plan in place to handle a fire should one start. Part of having a good plan for handling fire is investing in the right products to help you contain a fire.

Fire-Rated Doors

One such product for commercial spaces is fire-rated doors. This type of door is specifically designed to handle intense heat and fire. Having fire-rated doors helps provide you and your employees with extra time to evacuate and close off an area of your commercial space that has been affected by a fire. Not only does this help keep people safe, but it also helps prevent fire from spreading and damaging more of your commercial operation.

Here at Artex Overhead Door Company, we hope you never have to deal with a fire in your commercial or industrial space. However, we also want you to be prepared in the event of a fire, which is why we offer our fire-rated doors for commercial property owners. Providing commercial space owners with quality garage door products is one of our specialties, so you know that all of the products we offer are high in quality and designed to help your garage doors operate the way they should for as long as possible.

If you want to help protect your commercial space in the event of a fire, be sure to ask us about fire-rated doors. Call today to learn more!

Fire-Rated Doors in Arlington, TX