Trailer Restraints

Improve productivity and safety at the loading dock with our trailer restraints.

Whether you have trailers regularly loading or unloading products and supplies at the loading dock, you know how essential it is for your business for everything to go as smoothly as possible during these processes. To help with improving both the safety and productivity at the loading dock, we at Artex Overhead Door Company are happy to provide you with trailer restraints.

Trailer restraints are exactly the way they sound. They hold the trailer or vehicle in place as it is loaded or unloaded by latching onto the rig or rear wheel of the trailer to keep it from separating from the loading dock at any time. The latching process is fairly easy, and it can increase safety by preventing any trailer movement or risks of accidents. We can provide you with the best possible trailer restraints for your business and discuss ways to use them and their many benefits.

In addition to trailer restraints, we have many other ways we can increase the productivity, safety, and security of your loading dock. If you need additional security, we can provide you with locks and keypads, security bollards, grilles and shutters, and more. If you need increased productivity, we can provide you with shelters that can not only make it easier to unload and load the trailers but also protect any goods being loaded or unloaded from the truck from the elements.

We also have many more garage door products and doors that we can provide for your convenience, including bumpers, commercial electric operators, edge docks, fire-rated doors, glass overhead doors, hanger doors, high-speed garage doors, loading dock equipment, and rolling and sectional doors.

Improve productivity and safety at the loading dock with our trailer restraints. Give us a call to schedule our services today.