Protect your loading dock and goods with our shelters.

If you have a loading dock for your business, you might use it for loading or unloading supplies and products in and out of your building. No matter the usage, you likely want to keep it and your goods in the best possible condition during the loading and unloading processes. To this end, we at Artex Overhead Door Company are happy to provide you with a reliable solution of shelters.


Shelters are a sort of structure that attaches to your loading dock to protect your trailer. It provides just enough space so that you can still easily access the interior of the trailer to load and unload your supplies. It also offers sufficient coverage to protect your goods, trailer, and loading dock from the weather and the elements. That way, your goods won’t suffer any unexpected damage before they reach your customer.

There are many different types of shelters available, and we can help you determine which will best fit your needs for your trailers, loading dock, and building. With our help, you will never have to worry about struggling to get the right size for your shelter.

In addition to our shelters, we can also provide you with many other products for your loading docks, including trailer restraints, and security bollards. We also have various garage door products that can provide additional safety and security for your building, including locks, keypads, scissor gates, and security grilles and shutters. We only offer products made by top manufacturers, so you can trust that the products you choose will be durable and high-quality every time.

Protect your loading dock and goods with our shelters. Give us a call to schedule our services or check out our products today.