Edge Docks

Edge docks are a crucial safety feature that can greatly enhance your loading and unloading area.

Here at Artex Overhead Door Company, we understand that the garage area, while not the most glamorous, is often a key section of your commercial facilities. We proudly offer garage door services to help keep your doors operating the way they should, but that’s not all we can assist you with. We also offer a range of commercial products designed to make your garage area more effective, including edge docks to assist with the loading and unloading process.

Edge Docks

Edge docks, also known as dock levelers or loading dock levelers, are a crucial safety feature in the loading and unloading area. They bridge the gap between the delivery vehicle and the facility floor, ensuring a smooth transition for forklifts, pallet jacks, and other equipment. This feature helps compensate for any height differences, creating a safe, level surface for your operations.

In many commercial facilities, edge docks are integrated with garage doors to streamline the workflow for loading and unloading operations, which is why, as a garage door company, we carry and install them. We can help you consider your options, determine what weight capacity you’d need, and discuss safety features to help ensure your edge dock is both effective and secure.

We are proud to carry a wide range of other commercial products to help optimize your workflow and ensure that your employees have a safe, streamlined loading and unloading area to work in. To learn more about edge docks or any of our other commercial products, simply reach out to our office.