Three Trends We Love for Commercial Garage Doors

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Commercial garage doors were once mainly practical, a form of function for the daily operations of businesses and little more. Today, garage doors are an opportunity to add interest and style to your commercial property. Here are 3 commercial garage door trends we love.

Three Trends We Love for Commercial Garage Doors

  1. Glass sectional doors – Let your commercial garage doors double as large windows with glass sectional doors. These doors are a great way to let abundant natural light into your commercial space. They can be glass from top to bottom or combined with other garage door materials to create a unique look.
  2. Industrial chic doors for retail and dining – Embrace an industrial chic design by utilizing rolling garage doors for your retail or dining space. Commercial garage doors that fully lean into the mechanical aspects of the doors create a look all their own while effortlessly opening your restaurant or shop to the outdoors.
  3. Bright and bold statement doors – Instead of considering commercial garage doors to be eyesores, turn them into statement pieces using bright and bold colors. Garage doors provide ample surface area to show off your brand boldly and tastefully.

If your company could benefit from commercial garage doors, give our team at Artex Overhead Door Company a call. Whether you want to add a pop of color to your industrial doors or a trendy garage door feature to your shop, our team can assess your space and provide the perfect doors to suit your needs.